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At the top of the dune, the quad flipped over - with cameras showing the horror inside the vehicle as the women took the full impact of the crash as it rolled over completely, finally landing back on its wheels the right way up.’Thank God you’re alive,’ one of the women was heard saying as Tamra was first to be carried to a red emergency helicopter that arrived, with Vicki soon joining her after her stretcher was loaded onto a buggy to get there.After both women were taken to Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs - with Tamra's husband Eddie, whose birthday they had gone to Glamis to celebrate, joining her in the chopper - Kelly then comforted Sandy back at their camp area of RVs.

The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set on a cruise ship, was aired on ABC from September 24, 1977 until February 27, 1987.Each episode has multiple titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within.Before the dramatic ride, Heather had earlier been seen joking about how Tamra had previously ‘almost killed me, like, three times in a moving vehicle,’ and admitted she feared others racing the dunes were ‘going to fall off that hill.’A teaser for next week’s episode suggests her cold-hearted approach sparks a fight, with Heather calling it ‘f***ed up’ when Meghan suggested they should go see her instead despite being so far away in comparison.But she could not hide her concern at how disinterested husband Jim appeared even yawning when he knew the doctor was about to announce their results - admitting: ‘I’m so scared to be a mom, because I’m his third wife and he has four children with two women and those relationships didn’t work out.Here’s the piece that we made : I Am A Poet (from The Fundamental Questions) Group reading features: Jaap Blonk, Dylan Nyoukis, Leo Chadburn, Mark Gergis, Chris T, Bryce Kretschmann, Medaya Ocher, John Aage Nilsen, Abbie Minard, Colleen Lindsay, Simon Faulkner, Scott Williams, Falco Carey, Hearty White, Kurt Gottshalk, Rebecca Schnell, Roslyn Sargeant, Michael Newman, Steven Ball, Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee, Nancy Novotny, MC Schmidt, Adrian Testcard, The Weatherman, Annabel Mc Court, HK Kahng, Austin Rich, Tim Maloney, Matthew Curry, Drew Daniel, Alma, Silas and Peter Jaeger, Casper Carey, Paul Abbott, Tom Comitta, Will Edmondes, Catherine Backhouse, Krys O, Elkka Nyoukis, Miller Sargeant, Jhh Löwengard, Mike Lupica, Dan Solenoid, Greg Scharpen, Nick The Bard, Jon Leidecker, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Brancois Bonnet, Andie Brown, Ada Graham-Löwengard, Duncan Harrison, Gregor Weichbrodt and Vicki Bennett.

Set in Orange County, California, and created by Scott Dunlop, it is the first The Real Housewives installment in the franchise.

A bore (Jim Nabors) is mistaken for a notorious jewel thief.

A faded comic (Phil Foster) wangles a stand-up bit in the ship's showroom.

Loken’s acting is fine, but the dialogue is fairly clunky and heavy-handed, from Jane’s ponderous voice-overs to sidekick Maureen randomly blurting out during a meeting that she likes football players — the writers’ not-so-subtle attempt to let us know she’s heterosexual (in the comic, Maureen and Jane were romantically involved, but both characters are straight on the show).

On the plus side, it’s much easier — and a lot more fun — for Karman to recap the show when it’s suckier. Yeah, probably, at least for a few more episodes, in the hopes that it’ll turn around.

I also love that Vicki (who is bisexual, although that won’t be explored until later, possibly even next season) spends half the time with her hair pulled back in a ponytail.