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The second day I was there I got some hot action from a college-aged jock. Park in parking lot 11 and walk north on a paved path towards the northwest corner of the lot (between the stadium and track and field). I also saw numerous signs giving warning that police travel in unmarked vehicles and patrol the woods in plainclothes. From Fitchburg take Route 31 to where it meets Route 119 and turn right. Drive to the Mohawk State Forest day use area, going all the way down before parking your car and walking about 5 minutes to the water. I got a hot blowjob from a very muscular guy who was in one of those spandex suits on his bike.

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I've gotten sucked off every time I've gone. I went to this restroom and there was a hot guy using the urinal on the far wall. I followed the path to the back end of the lake, met up with a runner from the ... Only two or three regulars who drive through it every hour of the day looking for cock.He was definitely looking for action because he stood at that urinal for at least fifteen minutes, looking around. As another guy and I were walking out of the woods a state cop drove up. If you are straight, bi, or just curious come play. I'm a 21 year-old mostly straight dude who sometimes like to get my rocks off with another dude. The road leading to the entrance of Bradley Palmer has been closed for almost a year, so unless you know how to get in through the other end of the road you're out of luck. The cops are keeping an eye on Bradley, Willowdale and the other cruise spot on Winthrop Stree... I was just walking the trails to the right of the parking lot with a friend, not cruising.I've been to this club several times and although there is potential there's no one around. The equipment is old and broken and the atmosphere is filled with... I go there 4 or 5 times a week and once had a 3-way where they both face fucked me and dumped there loads down my throat. I hooked up here once with a guy from Craig's List. Saw what looked like a cop sitting in an unmarked car in the adjoining parking lot. I have to agree with some of the other posts about the short cleaning guy with the tattoos. Go up University Avenue past Cumnock Hall and take your first right at the stoplight.This is not a known cruisy spot but a good place to hookup with a guy if you have a prior arrangement. Stopped here twice, saw a few men fishing and some joggers. The asshole cleaning guy patrols around and screams at everyone to find a booth and kicks people out if he catches more than one guy coming out of a booth. Olsen Hall is the first and only large concrete building on the left. I'm including a map screenshot with marked areas.Addendum to review posted Saturday, March 9: Although I did not find the experience for which I was looking, I did find that this shop had one of the most extensive offerings of movies and Adult Toys ... This is a cruisy toilet where guys regularly jack it at the urinals and in the larger stalls. Park by the vending machines, get out and walk towards the back of building. Take a right, then your first left which will be Henry Street. The 'enviromental police' are giving everyone 0 tickets if you are here without a boat attached to your car. There is a trailhead on the right that goes out towards power lines. If you can duck the trolls you can usually find a hot guy, especially if you like black or Latin men. I have gone here and there is a very large wooded area next to the ballparks.

Got lost in RI and popped out on Route 1 right at the light in front of this store. Plastic stall walls have been replaced with steel so all gloryholes have been removed. They are in the company of regular police in case they catch you doing something... Head to the rocky hill on the left of the main trail, about a quarter mile from the road. The first is up in the woods above the first parking lot on the right as you dr... Cars in the parking lot next to the ballfields are asking to be busted by local cops, but if you park along the road and w...

He figured that we may have done something but because he didn't see it he was pissed as hell. I'm a trucker, heard about this place and thought I would check it out. Park on or before the bridge on the right and climb the trail and follow or lead som... Checked out this location and found joggers most... Good thing, too, because police came through on ATVs. There is some nude sunbathing and cruising in the dunes, but the greenheads are brutal and the hike to the cruisy spot is not for the faint of heart.

Within fifteen minutes of my arrival two state police cars arrived and looked as though they were checking license plates. This place is popular for hiking, walking, biking, jogging. Take lots of water and sunblock and stay out of si... There have been some pretty hot guys packin' a lot into their swimsuits. Went to the toilet at and there was a guy in the next stall.

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Went in this restroom yesterday because I had to pee.